Dental Office Grinning Big After Boss' Big Gifts

Melissa Szeker admires her brand new car.
Melissa Szeker admires her brand new car.

A Richmond Hill dentist is really giving his employees something to smile about. The staff at Smile Innovations just thought they were being treated to lunch at the Ford Plantation for their holiday party, but instead of dessert, servers arrived with a platter full of keys: nine sets of keys for all nine lucky employees to nine brand-new Chevy HHR SUVs, wrapped in the dental office's logo.

"When we got these keys, I just thought we were going to be test driving Hummers or something, just, 'boy Christmas,' and now I have a car!" exclaimed Melissa Szeker. "I need a new one so bad. I have a car!!"

"Unbelievable!" added dental assistant Shelley Medders, admiring her new car. "This is the biggest gift I've ever gotten in my whole entire life. Even at 16, I didn't get a brand-new car. It's amazing! Amazing."

Dr. Philip Copenhaver and Dr. Trout said this year's gifts for the staff were a bit extravagant, but they wanted to do something special.

"It's a blessing to have the type of staff we have," said Dr. Copenhaver, "so I like taking care of them."

The office tries to do something big for its employees every year, but everyone admits, this could be hard to top.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,