A Midway Family Comes to the Rescue, After a Fire Destroys One Woman's Home

This is all that's left of Viola Robertson's house.
This is all that's left of Viola Robertson's house.

Viola Robertson lived in the same house in Midway for 40 years until earlier this month.

That's when a fire ripped through her, leaving her with hardly anything. Viola's house was gone her belongings were destroyed.

Now things are looking better for Viola.  Barbie saw Viola's story on WTOC and wanted to help.  She went door to door asking people to help out, and they did.  "We learned this is the real joy of giving, not giving the little presents we give to friends, but giving to a stranger that is in need," said Barbie.

A toaster, blankets, food, and odds and ends that Barbie thought Viola could use as well. "People that did give were generous, and we were able to get her some nice things," said Barbie.

Viola says she can't believe the number of people who have opened their hearts to her. "I thank everybody that took the time out of their busy schedule to think about somebody like me somebody they don't know nothing about," said Robertson.

Barbie understands what Viola is going through. She lost everything in a house fire 15 years ago, and complete strangers helped her family. So every year she returns the favor, "We did what we could it wasn't much, but we know from experience every little bit helps," said Robertson.

Viola says this is the true meaning of Christmas, and she can't thank Barbie and the people who took the time to donate this holiday season, "I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart for what they are doing," said Robertson.

"Words can not express," said Robertson.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com