Complete Stranger Brings Christmas To A Single Mother

Candy Pike stands in disbelief as Rebecca Holcombe surprises her with a car
Candy Pike stands in disbelief as Rebecca Holcombe surprises her with a car

A young woman loses her entire family to murder and prison, now she's moving on and up thanks to some generous strangers.

At 20 years old, some might think Candy Pike has been through it all. Back in 2001, Pike's father and one of her sister's murdered her mother. Since then she said she has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

"From there I just had a terrible life because I didn't have any money or anything," said Pike.

With no steady income, life was hard but what Pike didn't know was that life was about to get even more difficult, once she gave birth to her son in 2005.

"It's been real hard not having any money and trying to raise him," said Pike.

After giving birth, Pike landed a new job and even found a new home with Karen Cullifer in Blackcreek, a woman she met while working, who decided to take Pike in. Pike's only problem now was that she didn't have a way to get to and from work.

"Ms. Karen's son has been helping me out a lot. He's has been leaving work early to take me and pick me up from work," said Pike.

A daily routine that was placing a heavy burden on Pike; and one that caught the attention of Rebecca Holcombe, of neighborhood realty. For the past 4 years, Holcombe's been Santa's little helper, going around helping the less fortunate on her own time.

"It's nothing words can describe, you want to do everything you can for them," said Holcombe.

And Holcombe did just that for Pike, bringing Pike her first car for Christmas.

A car that Pike already has big plans for.

"I'll be able to find a better job to increase the cash flow in the family. Go back to school, finish up at high school and then go to Savannah Tech to get my Cosmetology degree and then my business management degree," said Pike.

Big plans for a mother who had her Christmas wish granted by a complete stranger.

Now if you want to help out Rebecca Holcombe with her holiday donations to families in need, she can be reached at (912) 920-3338 or

Reported by: David Hall,