Dog Fighting Ring Warning

Imagine adopting animals at shelters to use in dog fighting. Well, that's the email that the Executive Director of the Humane Society, Lynn Gensamer, got Friday morning.

It warns her about a dog fighting ring that began in another state and is now in the Coastal Empire.  "It was sent to a number of shelters and rescue organizations," said Gensamer, "alerting people claiming to start a shelter in North Carolina and looking for dogs."

However, Gensamer said these people don't want to help the dogs, instead they're adopting certain breeds like rottweilers, pit bulls, and other dogs the same size or bigger for the actual fighting.  "It's terrible it's about money and it's about betting and its animal cruelty.  It's not the breed its how we as humans treat the breed and to condition them to in fact be vicious," said Gensamer.

The couple is also looking for little dogs but they're using those dogs for something much worse. Gensamer explains what they're looking for and why; "like tea-cup dogs terriers which are being used for bait for the bigger dogs and make them more aggressive."

That's why the director of the humane society said they need have an adoption plan in place so animals like this one don't get in the wrong hands and are used for fighting.  They want to make sure the dogs go to good homes and they do background checks to make sure that happens.

"It's an on going battle to protect these animals," said Gensamer.  A battle she's more than willing to fight, "we have an obligation to pets," said Gensamer.

The couple has tried to adopt fourteen dogs just this week. If you notice someone you think is buying dogs for fighting call Crimestoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,