Arrests Made In Piggy Wiggly Armed Robbery

Police are no longer searching for the people who robbed the Piggly Wiggly in Bluffton South Carolina last week.

Officers arrested 19-year-old Justin Williams and 21-year-old Brandon Brown in connection with that crime.

Bluffton police say Brown hid inside the store until it closed and pushed Williams, who worked at the grocery store to a front office at gunpoint.  Police say Brown then robbed a manager counting the day's receipts.  Police believe the Williams and Brown planned the robbery together.

Police said an argument between the two men finally led police to them.  The suspect's stories began to unravel when the two men had a falling out and Brown suspected Williams of cooperating with police.

Both Williams and Brown are in the detention center awaiting arraignment.

Also police said while the robbery had similarities to one at a Piggly Wiggly near Gardens Corner on Dec. 21, the two crimes are not thought to be related.