Officer Rescues 103-Year-Old Woman From Burning Home

Christmas lights caught house on fire
Christmas lights caught house on fire

Everyone in Evans County knows Eunice Shuman's house in Hagan. The 103-year-old has decorated for the holidays for more than sixty years. Saturday night, some of those Christmas lights caught the house on fire.

"I told her what was going on. I put a cover over her head, picked her up and started out, said home nurse, Deb Rogers, "got almost to the back door but fell."

Rogers called 911 before the phone line died. Officer Brad Anderson was first on the scene. "Before the radio transmission finished, I was here and flames were coming out of the house," said Anderson.

He broke through the door and led the women to safety. Neither of these heroes will take any credit. "He's our real hero he came in a burning building, said Rogers, "We were just trying to get out of one."

Anderson sees it differently.  I told Deb to get out and I'd get Mrs. Shuman and she wouldn't. She's the one that's tough."

Shuman's relatives are thankful both were in the right place Saturday night.  Mrs. Shuman's grandson, Henry Shuman said, "Things work in mysterious ways because Deb wasn't supposed to even be here but she was."

The fire may have also saved brad's life as well. No sooner had the smoke cleared than Anderson felt chest pains he'd never felt. He went to the hospital and doctors found two blockages in his heart he might not have found otherwise before it was too late.

Both Anderson and Rogers said the biggest thing now is getting a pillar of their community well and home.

Mrs. Shuman is out of the hospital, but still under doctor's care. Officer Anderson underwent a heart catheterization Sunday. He's on medical leave for two weeks.

Reported by Dal Cannady,