Beach High School Student in Court

Jason Patterson attends a hearing via video conference.
Jason Patterson attends a hearing via video conference.

Police have arrested a second student in connection with the recent Beach High School bomb threats. A 15-year-old female student is in custody for phoning in a threat on Tuesday.

And just yesterday, police arrested 17-year-old Beach High student Jason Patterson for a bomb threat called in on Monday. (Teen Arrested in Beach High Bomb Threat Case.)

Patterson appeared in court this morning for his arraignment. His family was also in court. Thomas and Barbara Patterson say their son is innocent and the truth will come out.

It's been long week for the Patterson family. Jason was suspended from school earlier in the week, arrested on Thursday, and then in court today.

"They've already convicted my son even before court or jury or anything," said Barbara.

Police say Jason Patterson called in the bomb threat from his cell phone on Monday morning, forcing hundreds of students and staff to evacuate for nearly three hours while officers searched the school.

They found nothing, however phoning in a bomb threat is a felony and taken very seriously. Police were determined to find the caller. Investigators say that caller is Jason Patterson, but his parents say he didn't do it.

"He's a good boy and a hard worker," said Thomas. "I asked him and I said, 'Did you do it?' and he said, 'Daddy I didn't do it,' and I believe him, because he wouldn't jeopardize his school and he knew it would come back to his phone. Someone else made that call."

But officers say they did trace the phone call back to Jason's cell phone. Jason has no prior criminal record and his mom says he is a good kid with good grades.

"He is not a rowdy person and he is a person who has a kind heart and he'll do anything for you and it's hurtful to a mother to see her child being treated like he's being treated," said Barbara.

With the support of their children, and their faith in God, the Pattersons say they will get through this, and hope the police find the right person who committed this crime.

Bond was set for $3,500. Patterson will be back in the courtroom on February 5 for his preliminary hearing.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,