Getting a Head Start on Tax Time

Filing early will get you cash sooner rather than later.
Filing early will get you cash sooner rather than later.

Remember last April 15th? When you were frantically scrambling to finish your taxes? If you did, you probably promised yourself next year would be different. Well, it's next year. And a great time to get started.

Tax preparer Linda Carper-Harms with H&R Block in Savannah said she sees the same scene every year. People filing in and filing their tax returns.

"It's been pretty steady," she told us. "It's been mostly prior clients and we've been getting new clients."

Carper-Harms has been doing this for ten years. She said more and more people are taking advantage of early filing.

"I think that people are more aware of April 15 than they used to be. They're coming in now asking questions, picking up tax brochures and getting ready for that April date," said Carper-Harms.

Some may dread doing their taxes, but not Shavondra Averett. "As April 15 approaches, you have less time to spend with your advisor to get the type of advice that you'd want," she said.

So she decided to get a head start. Averett said she woke up at 5am this morning, got in her car with her W-2s by her side, for one reason.

"I came here today for a little bit of business and an opportunity to see my tax advisor to file my taxes," said Averett.

And she did just that. "It was important for me to get a head start on the tax season to bypass the rush."

And in doing so, she'll get her cash sooner rather than later.

"Well if you're having a refund, we can always send it off electronically, you can do direct deposit, IRS checks or get one of our loan products," said Carper-Harms. "You can have your money in as little as 15 minutes or in three and a half weeks."

"It feels good, because I'm getting a refund," said Averett.

You have a little extra time to file. April 15 is a Sunday and the Monday after is a federal holiday. So the real deadline this year is April 17.

Reported by:  David Hall,