Preparations for Winefest 2007 on Hilton Head Island are Underway

It's not the usual tourist attraction you think of for Hilton Head Island, but in March, wine will be a bringing thousands of tourist to the island. In the meantime, hundreds of bottles of wine are stacking up at the Hilton Head Hospitality Association.

They're busy doing the inventory and categorizing the wines for Winefest 2007. But Winefest is more than just a time to taste test, it's an event designed to bring more tourists to the island before the golf and beach seasons.

"The intent of the festival help by the Hospitality Association is to drive overnight accommodations and to also create dining experiences so people can taste the culinary talents of the island," said Hilton Head Hospitality Association's executive director Ann-Marie Adams. "Also the relaxation of coming to the island brings."

They'll judge the wine next weekend with the actual Winefest on March 10 at Shelter Cove Community Park on Hilton Head Island.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,