Bloggers Gather in Savannah for Conference

Bloggers at Bryson Hall.
Bloggers at Bryson Hall.
Blogging 101
Blogging 101

Dozens turned out early this morning with their their laptops and other handheld gadgets at Bryson Hall on Savannah's Perry Street. They're bloggers, part of a new generation of self-publishing pundits who've formed a massive online community.

Friday, they came together for the first BlogSavannah UnConference.

According to organizer Andrew Odom, "it's like with anything. You read what they write, you see some pictures and so you've already formulated what you think the person's going to be like. A lot of times, I would say 99 percent of the time, when you meet them, it's infinitely better than just reading them."

Freelance writer Burton Sauls says he's gained an international audience by blogging about travel and food at

"It's amazing, but it's just, I'm a country boy from Savannah, Georgia, and I have a strong audience in Denmark, Norway and Australia," he told us. "Barbecue has been very good to me."

A lot of the people at today's conference have been part of the online blogging community for years. They're just bringing it together in the real world to share the tricks of the trade. But the conference is also attracting those who want to learn more about it, and whether they want to get into it.

Like those who attended the Blogging 101 session. Robbin Kochova, a photographer who lives in Savannah, said she's considering whether a blog might help her sell photos. She was pleased with what the conference had to offer.

"This event, the way it was structured, the way it was given--it was open, it was free--and to be able to get this type of knowledge is just unbelievable," she said. "And the type of people that you're going to meet is amazing, plus the information is so thorough."

If she decides to join the blogosphere, she'll have plenty of company.

"As long as people like to go to the mall and watch other people, they're going to like blogging," said Odom. "Cause that's what it is. It's virtually going to the mall and just people watching."

Then it's safe to say, it'll be around for a while.

Organizers say the initial response was pretty local, but in the end people came from as far away as Virginia and Mississippi. In all, 120 registered for the event. There are no firm plans for the next one yet, but people there seemed to feel this won't be the last time the bloggers hit Savannah.

You can read blogs written by people in the area online at:

Reported by: Charles Gray,