Community Group Marches Against Crime

A lot of people are fed up with crime. Now, some are doing something about it.

Church and community leaders in West Savannah worked with police and the people trying to draw attention to the problems with a candle-light rally Friday night.

Organizers couldn't have been happier.

They were worried the chilly weather would keep some folks away, but dozens of people took to the street to try and take back their neighborhood.

With a healthy dose of prayer, and almost an entire catalogue of music, a new group called Saints Opposed to Crime went out in force, to make a statement.

"We do want to fill the street," said organizer Pamela Oglesby to the crowd over a bullhorn. "And as more people come, then they can fill in behind us."

"I think that this is just an awesome, awesome beginning," said Frances Lewis. "I truly do believe that we're going to be very effective in this community, especially in knocking out the crime."

More than 60 supporters took part in the rally, including representatives from the City of Savannah and Chatham County and a lot of help from police.

"It was just like the governor or president was in town," laughed Pastor Michael Lewis, from Second St. John Missionary Baptist Church. "Hats off to the police department. Wonderful."

Organizers say they were thrilled with this first vigil, and already hope to build on this momentum.

"We'll probably start now trying to really gather the people that are really committed to getting something done, start a board of directors, and from that start working on or choosing goals," explained Oglesby.

"We come together so we can solve things and do things and speak out and go to vigils," said Chatham County Commission Chairman Pete Liakakis. "And with people coming together, we'll see a big change in our community."

Even though this was organized by the Second St. John Missionary Baptist Church, there were people from all different backgrounds and faiths; something they were pretty proud of.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,