Community Copes With Yet Another Violent Attack

Terrell Briggs and his brother Kevin McKelly reflecting on the violence in their neighborhood
Terrell Briggs and his brother Kevin McKelly reflecting on the violence in their neighborhood

A Savannah man trying to collect a debt is fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shot by the man he said owed him money.

It happened last night in the 800-block of Luke Court in Hitch Village.

While police search for the gunman, this Savannah community struggles with the violence that's become too common in their neighborhood.

Kids are out riding their bikes around the playground.

The difference a couple of hours can make.

Around 9:30 Saturday night, police responded to Hitch Village, where they said a man was shot over money.

The news caught some residents off guard, especially Terrell Briggs who found out from his father.

"I was walking around outside and came in and he said to me if I knew there was a shooting over there by my auntie house," said Briggs.

He is just an eighth grader who has lived in Hitch Village for nearly two years.

"It make me feel I'm in a dangerous neighborhood. I don't want to live around here no more, I want to move," said Briggs.

It's something Briggs has thought about for some time.

Sitting on the housing steps with his older brother Kevin McKelly, they are reminded of the environment they are trapped in.

"It's very high tension here. You say the wrong thing to one person and their squad is coming with 20 people just to fight one person," said McKelly.

Both brothers said they hope they have a way out.

Shoes on a clothesline, it stands for all the people who have died in the neighborhood. These two brothers know all about the violent trends and they both said they are going to take their education that much more serious.

"It really just makes me want to get out of here fast and hit the books harder, so I can get out of here quicker and don't get stuck like they be," said McKelly.

"I'm going to hit my books harder and get my degree and become an engineer so that I can make the money that I need instead of getting the money from selling drugs," said Briggs.

This is an ideal plan for these brothers who are trying to make it out of a dangerous cycle.

If you have any information about what happened, call Savannah Chatham Police or Crime-stoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: David Hall,