Two Jailed in Record Drug Bust

Two people are behind bars tonight and more are likely to join them after two Coastal Empire drug raids. The Glynn County-Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team, the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office and the Glynn County police department all worked together, making the arrests and rounding up drugs, money and guns.

Mario Melo and Pablo Plandiura face several charges, including possession with intent to distribute. They're being held in the Glynn County Detention Center without bond.

Both are from Mexico and work in the construction business. Officials are still trying to figure out if the two are legal US residents.

Captain Terry Wright, commander of the Glynn County-Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team, says this is the largest seizure of smokeable methamphetamine, or "Ice", ever in Glynn County.

Reported by: Rachel Lebedin,