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Man Arrested for Impersonating an Emergency Medical Technician

Benjamin Stan Taylor, a Brunswick resident, is in a Glynn County Police Department jail cell after being arrested Friday for impersonating a Public officer/employee and Theft by Receiving Stolen Property.

On January 26th at 3:00pm, police arrested Taylor at Hart Land Ambulance where he worked as a dispatcher after receiving a complaint from the Glynn County Fire Department that Taylor was representing himself as an Emergency Medical Technician and had stolen fire department property.

Taylor has a long history of impersonating EMT personnel.  At the scene of an accident in November of last year, Taylor identified himself as an EMT to police officers when giving a witness account of the crash.  Captain Marissa Tindale of the Glynn County Police Department also stated that Taylor had identified himself on multiple other occasions as an EMT and even had documents and EMT clothing from a different department to go along with his story. 

While living in Gloucester County, Virginia in 2005, Taylor was arrested as a public official impersonator when authorities discovered he had been working at a local hospital and with a volunteer rescue squad claiming to be an EMT.  He was convicted of that crime.  

But it wasn't until recently that Taylor's old ways resurfaced on police radars here in Georgia.  While attending a volunteer meeting at the Glynn County Fire Department, Taylor stole a portable radio battery, valued at $70.00.  When fire department officials discovered the missing battery, they called police and investigators were led to Taylor. 

Upon his arrest, Taylor had the radio battery in his possession in addition to fake documents claiming him to be an EMT worker.

The investigation is still ongoing. 

Reported by: Sarah Schuster,

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