Charges Filed Against Woman Who Accidentally Shot Husband

Savannah Chatham detectives have decided to file charges against a woman who accidentally shot her husband.

Saturday afternoon Robin and Barry Turner were inside their home near 32nd and Live Oak when they heard a noise outside. They saw Kelvin Biggins' Pontiac slam into their parked car.

Police say Barry Turner ran outside to confront Biggins. His wife was behind him carrying a gun and fired two shots at Biggins, but one of the bullets hit her husband in the side. He was taken to Memorial Health where he was treated and released.

Police say Biggins ran a stop sign and hit a car, which caused his car to careen into two parked cars.

Biggins was charged with running a stop sign and the driver of one of the cars he hit was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

In addition to the unlawful discharge of a firearm, Robin Turner is charged with reckless conduct.