SCAD Students Design Commercial for Super Bowl

Whether you're at a party, bar, or your own couch chances are you'll watch the commercials and if not more than the game itself.

Now here's something even better, two local students designed one millions may get to see.

You may recognize Sean Wehrli and Masa Wakabayashi, they are two broadcast design students from SCAD. They are in the spotlight, on CBS and the Internet they're one of five finalist teams in the Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge.

"We submitted a story book and script," said Wehrli.

Broadcast design professor Duff Yong found out about the competition, and thought it would be a great idea to have his students apply.

So with his help Sean and Masa put their heads together.

But it wasn't easy, they spent hours of researching and playing on the computer before they came up with the idea of a pop up book.

"We took four cars that we were assigned to advertise, and we assigned an identity to each one culture that goes with it," said Wehrli.

"The car folds open and the entire environment culture comes folding out like a pop up book and rotates around and folds into the next car," said Wehrli.

And their idea worked catching Chevy's eye, and launching them into the finals. All five finalist teams got an all expense paid trip to Detroit and the opportunity to present their advertising concept to Chevy executives.

An experience professor Yong says was amazing.

"This is a rewarding experience for myself and the students because we got to see ad agency and get real world industry experience," said Yong.

So now students are waiting to find out if their design won.

"I am excited and nervous," said Wakabayashi.

"We are really excited to watch the outcome," said Wehrli.

Win or lose it's been an amazing journey for both Mesa and Sean, they just hope the journey doesn't end here.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,