Glennville's NFL Legend Has Advice for Bears, Colts

The sports eyes of the world focus this week on Miami as the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts get ready for the Super Bowl. WTOC Bureau Chief Dal Cannady talked with some of the players and coaches there. He also bumped into a Tattnall County native who's seen the game before as a player and a CBS broadcaster.

To call Super Bowl media day a zoo could offend some giraffes and elephants, let along bears and colts. With thousands of cameras and tape recorders closing in, players feel the pressure.

"This is crazy!" laughed Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. "I've never seen this many cameras before in my life, combined."

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning looked tiny compared to the sea of cameras in front of him. With questions asked in a variety of languages and dialects, players and coaches know they're in front of the world.

"Hey Japan, hope we give you a good show on Sunday," Bears quarterback Rex Grossman said toward the camera of a group of Asian journalists.

Former Georgia Southern Eagle and Florida native Adrian Peterson was in the mix of the crowd, enjoying every moment.

"For every level of play I've seen, this is the ultimate," said Peterson.

One person who has seen this excitement before is NFL on CBS co-host Shannon Sharpe of Glennville. He says players shouldn't let the hype get to them.

"They're going to be asked all sorts of questions about how you're feeling and how much family is coming and how many tickets did you get," explained the NFL Hall of Famer. "The best bet is to embrace it all and let people see who you are away from the ball and the pads."

Players on both sides say they're glad Media Day is over so they can begin to focus on the game.

You can watch the Super Bowl Sunday on WTOC.

Reported by Dal Cannady,