Jefferson St. and Bay St. Intersection Light and Crosswalk on Fast Track

A dangerous spot in Savannah should be a little safer by summer.

Back in November, WTOC hi-lighted problems with jay-walking and the dangerous crossing at Bay and Jefferson streets. It's the only intersection on Bay Street without a pedestrian crosswalk and light.

City leaders acted fast, and now they're saying by June, a traffic light will be installed. By July, a pedestrian crossing signal will also be put in place. City traffic engineer Michael Weiner says the project moved along as fast as it possibly could.

"It moved very fast," Weiner said. "We will make sure everything is in place to make it happen by the end of June."

The total cost of the project, 225 thousand dollars. In November, after WTOC questioned the intersection's safety, traffic engineers counted more than 2,000 people cross Jefferson and Bay St. Illegally, in one night.

Reported by: Don Logana,