Owner Holds True To His Promise

Welcome back.

It's the message some employees at Roger Wood Foods, like Barbara Kellam, are receiving as they come back to work after a fire shut down their business.

"Are you serious?" said Kellam.

Kellam asked that very question the moment she received a phone call asking her to return to work at Roger Wood Foods.

"Oh I was tickled it was so unexpected, I was thinking it was going to be much longer," said Kellam.

But it wasn't.

President David Solana made sure of that, with a promise he made to his employees right after the fire.

"I was sorry to see them leave but we had to rebuild and we're going to get our momentum back, we're going to get our production back and we're going to get them back," said Solana.

Solana said the recovery efforts here have been going ahead of schedule thanks to the 120 employees, he's brought back.

"I've had people working out here tirelessly. Some of my employees have brought their winnebagoes out and slept in them while they work. My people are putting in 16 to 18 hour shifts and working. It's been amazing," said Solana.

120 employees have returned with positives attitudes, hard hats, and protective gear, making & gathering the sausage links, sorting through the smoked meats and shipping everything out.

And it's all for the company they love.

"It's great. Everybody is so kind and seems willing to help each other," said Kellam.

Thankful employees and an employer who are all working hard to get the job done.

No one was injured in the fire back on January 13th. David Solana said he plans on having the company operating at 80% in about a week. The remaining employees will be brought back to work within the next few weeks.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com