Sex Offender Charged With Kidnapping Stepdaughter

A frantic search Tuesday night, as police say a registered sex offender kidnapped his own stepdaughter.

It all started just after 6pm, and ended just a couple hours later with the little girl safe and sound.

The frightening evening began in Rincon, when police say a man burst into Gary Reynolds' house on Carolina Avenue. Reynolds had been watching his granddaughter, and told police her stepfather, Daniel Riggs, had taken her.

"Mr. Reynolds told us that when Mr. Riggs arrived there, he told the little girl 'Do you want to go with me?' She told him 'No, I do not want to leave with you.' And he jerked her up and left with her," explained Rincon Police Chief David Schofield.

Police say Riggs is a registered sex offender, but that's not all that had them concerned.

"He and Mr. Reynolds' daughter had gotten into a fight last weekend, and he beat her up pretty bad," said Schofield. "She got out of the hospital late yesterday and she took the warrants out against him sometime earlier today...I was kind of worried.  Given Riggs' violent tendencies and his past history, we didn't know what was going to happen."

Police in Rincon alerted the surrounding counties, and by 7:45pm, Bryan County deputies had caught Riggs in Pembroke, and his four year old stepdaughter was back in safe hands.

Right now Riggs is facing charges of kidnapping and interference with custody, but police say there will be more charges tacked on to that. He's a registered sex offender because of a 2002 conviction of Statutory Rape, according the Georgia Department of Corrections' website.

The four year old girl is being released to her mother, and taken to an undisclosed location.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,