Rincon Couple Speaks About Granddaughter's Abduction

A four year old girl, abducted from her grandparents' home in Rincon on Tuesday night, is back safe with her mother tonight. The man who took her was her stepfather, Daniel Riggs. Police, fearing for her safety, issued a Levi's Call. Bryan County Sheriff's deputies found her with her stepfather on Pearlie Mikell Road last night. As we first reported on THE News at 11 last night, Riggs is a registered sex offender. Rincon Police say he also beat his wife very badly last weekend, so they weren't taking any chances with the girl. While they found her within two hours of her abduction, her family said it was still a very harrowing ordeal.

It all started with a knock at the Reynolds' door.

"I told him he could not take my grand baby," said Gary Reynolds, "and he snatched her up from the kitchen table. Before I could open the door, he just walked right on in and just went right to her."

Reynolds and his wife Pam were in the kitchen with their granddaughter, when Daniel Riggs, her stepfather, who's also a registered sex offender, burst in.

"I was checking my food in the microwave," explained Reynolds, "and that's when he snatched her up. He asked her if she was ready to go home with daddy and she said, no. That's when he snatched her up and I said, you can't go anywhere with that baby and that's when he told me get the g-- d--- out of him and his stepdaughter's face."

Reynolds and his wife were watching the girl for his daughter. He said she had just gotten out of the hospital and had taken out warrants against Riggs that day, telling him not to let Riggs take the child. Reynolds, who uses a walker, was powerless to stop him.

"He got out of there so fast," he said, "I couldn't even get out the door before he got out of the driveway."

Pamela Reynolds feared the worst.

"If I had known he was coming to take her," she said, "I would have ran out the back door with her."

The one thing they could do was call police. With Riggs' record, Rincon Police didn't waste any time and quickly extended the search to surrounding counties. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation put out a Levi's Call. Within ten minutes of that broadcast, Bryan County Sheriff's deputies located the child and her stepfather.

"I'm just glad they got him as quick as they did, for my grand baby's sake," said Gary Reynolds.

Daniel Riggs is in the Bryan County Jail, facing charges of kidnapping and burglary. Police said more charges could follow.

Reported by: Liz Flynn, lflynn@wtoc.com