Coastal Empire Air Travelers Face Few Delays

Winter weather is making its way through parts of Georgia and the Carolinas and it's causing concerns for some travelers. If you're in the Coastal Empire and Low Country, you can consider yourself lucky. Cold, rainy weather may be the only fallout most passengers through the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport see from the storm. Still, the snowy, icy mix sweeping the Southeast is causing a few headaches.

"I'm always concerned a little bit about the weather," admitted Dee Dee Bethke as she checked her luggage for her flight.

Bethke's flight was on time; however, she was worried about making her connection to Dayton, Ohio through Atlanta, especially after she learned her airline, AirTran, canceled two Savannah/Atlanta afternoon flights.

"I'll get there in the afternoon. I'm leaving Atlanta in the afternoon," she said, "so does that mean my flight is canceled?"

Late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, Delta canceled more than 200 flights out of Atlanta's Jackson-Hartsfield International Airport, causing some early morning delays in cities like Savannah. By late morning, flyers like Newton Reed and his daughter, Francesca, had no problems.

"I called ahead and they said everything was OK," said Reed, "so I just went ahead and booked the flight."

Still, airport officials recommend you call your airline before leaving for the airport.

"I think the best thing that everyone can do, if you're planning a trip today, is to check with your carrier," explained Savannah Hilton Head International Airport spokesperson Lori Lynah. "They'll be able to let you know if your flight's affected. We don't expect anything else here, but there could be problems at other destinations."

Two month old Jayden Orrick, sleeping peacefully in his infant carrier seat, was unaware of any problems that could affect his first flight. Fortunately, his parents are seasoned travelers, ready for any conditions Mother Nature might bring their way.

"We're actually on our way through Atlanta, going to Bloomington, Indiana," said his mother Christi Orrick, " so we're used to the cold weather."

Orrick and her husband, Steve, were concerned about what they could face today.

"Definitely the delays with Atlanta," she said. "We're used to it every time we go through there."

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Reported by: Liz Flynn,