Day 5

As our week here in Antigua comes to an end, I cannot help but feel a tremendous sense of pride in being a part of this Faith in Practice experience. In fact, the entire Coastal Empire should be proud of the men and women who make up this hard-working group of missionaries.

The 50 volunteers from Savannah did an amazing job this week. They performed 76 surgeries and treated 1,058 people in the villages.

So, if you were wondering what your favorite doctor, nurse or best friend was doing this week when they told you that they were going to Guatemala, there's your answer. All of us should feel better about our community because they are a part of it.

This is just the beginning of the journey and the stories that you will hear about the Faith in Practice mission. Please don't forget to join me February 26 through February 28 on THE News at 6 for Missions of Mercy: Guatemala.

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