Ronnie's Regulars Talk About Tragic Accident

The drive-up window at Ronnie's.
The drive-up window at Ronnie's.

A grinding crash has Ronald Floyd, owner of Ronnie's Restaurant, in pretty bad shape. We showed you the accident on Dean Forest Road first thing Saturday morning (Deadly Three Car Crash on Dean Forest Rd.) and we're following the aftermath as customers and employees try to pull things together.

With each burger and every iced tea served by employees like Stephanie Ertzberger at Ronnie's Restaurant, the message behind the product has been the same.

"Ronnie and Tony want us to keep this business going and that's what we're doing," said Ertzberger.

Most everyone behind the counter still has what happened to their boss fresh in their minds, but they continue to serve every customer who walks through the door.

Floyd was involved in an car accident early Saturday morning. He and his wife had just finished leaving work in separate cars and stopped at a red light on Dean Forest Road just a block from their restaurant.

That's when 21-year-old Joshua Whitson slammed into the back of Floyd's pickup truck. The impact made Floyd rear-end his wife, who was driving an SUV in front of him.

Even if some customers hadn't heard about the accident over the weekend, they found out once they stopped by this popular diner.

Customers like Charles Davis and David Humphries are saying since the accident, things just haven't been the same without Ronnie behind the counter.

"I feel for them, I know how traumatic it could be on a family," said Davis.

"It's kind of scary how in a matter of minutes an accident can change your family," said Humphries.

And this family is sticking together.

"We've actually had employees call in and ask to fill in if we need help," said Ertzberger.

Everyone's lending a helping hand for one man.

"Even more than a boss, he's a friend and a dad," said Ertzberger.

Ronnie Floyd's in critical condition and we'll keep you posted.

Reported by:  David Hall,