Hometown Heroes--Effingham County Firefighters

Larry Middleton
Larry Middleton
Neal Anderson
Neal Anderson
Hannah Jenkins
Hannah Jenkins

Their life-saving efforts make them WTOC Hometown Heroes.

Firefighters Larry Middleton, Neal Anderson and Hannah Jenkins are ready at a moments notice to respond to a call for help. Their teamwork really paid off January 2 when they rescued Patricia Weaver from her burning home.

Middleton said, "I was the first one in the residence, made entry through the front door and found Miss Weaver five to 10 feet inside the front door, I drug her to the door."

Jenkins and Anderson were right behind him. Anderson said, "We stepped in, grabbed her and got her to the yard."

Middleton added, "When we got her in the yard she was completely unconscious and unresponsive."

They immediately used a defibrillator to revive Weaver and gave her oxygen.

"By the time she left in the ambulance she was alert and conscious and talking to paramedics in the back of the ambulance," said Middleton.

Jenkins said, That was a sense of relief to know she's okay from that point forward."

These firefighters agree they got weaver out of the house, just in time.

Middleton said, "It was a matter of minutes in her state, the smoke was approximately a foot and a half to two feet off the floor, sealed up tight so there was a lot of smoke. Had we not been their it probably would have had a different outcome."

"I was so proud of them making that initial entry and getting her out and I believe she is a very lucky lady and we are grateful she had the great outcome she did," Jenkins said.

Neighbors said Weaver is doing well and staying with family until she decided what to do with her home.

The quick response and life saving skills of Middleton, Anderson and Jenkins make them WTOC Hometown Heroes.

Reported by Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com