Mega Millions Fever Hits Coastal Empire

Its the chance of a lifetime. One ticket. Six numbers that could be worth millions.

Friday's Mega Millions jackpot is worth $177 million, and folks around the coastal empire are hoping they have the winning numbers.

Stores around the area have been printing tickets all day long. Customers buying one, five or a lot more chances.

"They came in as a group and bought over 130 dollars of Mega Millions Tickets," says Shaquita Williams an Enmark cashier.

Stores are cashing in on the hope they'll get lucky. The belief that the next push of the button could make someone a multi-millionaire.

"They might help me out a little," hopes Shaquita. "That's a big million. I want me some of that!"

And she isn't alone. Each customer has big dreams for the big jackpot.

"I'd definitely quit my job, my wife would quit her job," says Joe Argroves. "Kids' college would be taken care of, travel, cruises."

"Early retirement, college for my grandchildren," according to Russ Haidinger. "then I would buy a casa in Mexico on a beach and a Ferrari to drive around in."

"I'd give some to charity, the rest to my family members," says Sgt Cliff Taylor. "Then buy myself a Lexus, 2007"

No millionaires yet at the Ogeechee Chevron, but lots of winners, all posted up front to give people confidence before they pick their numbers.

Everyone we talked to believed their ticket will be the big winner.

"I got it, just bought it now," says Haidinger.

"Just forget it," said Argroves. "Its over, got it in the bag."

Others believe a little divine intervention never hurt.

"A spirit told me to go ahead and buy this," claimed Ben Thomas. "So I'm going to church before the drawing and say a few prayers"

If you are wondering, stores can cash in on this drawing too.

Wherever the winning ticket is sold, the store gets a cash prize of its own.

So the folks behind the counter want you to buy and want you to win.

Reported By: Andrew Davis