Fire Likely Burning Well Before Detection

A massive fire in a Georgetown neighborhood has left a home in ashes. Southside firefighters spent the night putting out hot spots. Luckily, the two people living in the house managed to get out safely along with their four dogs.

The fire began last night before 9:30pm. When fire and emergency crews got to the home, they found heavy smoke and flames pouring from the roof and windows. It was too dangerous to fight the fire from inside, so firefighters stayed outside pouring water on it from all directions, trying to keep it from spreading.

Fire officials tell us two women who live there--a mother and her daughter--arrived home and smelled something like the smell of plastic burning in the garage. But they couldn't locate a fire so they went upstairs to relax. A few minutes later, the smell got stronger and that's when they found out their house was on fire.

"One of the ladies smelled something burning while she was upstairs, and she went downstairs to check," Assistant Chief Hugh Futrell with Southside Fire told us. "When she did, she found heavy black smoke coming from the garage into her kitchen and dining area."

Chief Futrell also says a preliminary investigation shows the fire probably started in the walls and smoldered there for about a half hour before they were called. It may be difficult to determine how the fire started, because the house is a total loss.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,