Top Teacher -- Trang Black

Trang Black
Trang Black

Trang Black has been teaching special needs students for five years at Snelson Golden Middle School in Hinesville.

Her six students are autistic.

"They are so smart," said Black. "You know a lot of people don't realize that and we give them the opportunity to show us and it's in different ways, and that's what we focus on, teaching them different ways to show their intelligence."

And those opportunities come each day.

She and her assistants keep the students on a schedule where they rotate to various "work stations", working on assignments to enhance their academic as well as their social skills.

And according to Mrs. Black's colleague, this formula seems to work, because they say there is a big difference in the students after a short amount of time.

"For instance, one may start out when he first knows you, he won't say nothing," said bus driver William Freeman. "And then maybe, it might take a whole year but eventually he'll say good morning Mr. Freeman."

"She does an excellent job in class, out of class," said bus aide Charlene Rhock. "And she's the teacher that goes the extra mile for her students."

"They can do anything that they want to," said Black. "They might have to do it differently, but they can do it."

And so, for her going that extra mile, and expecting her students to do the same, Trang Black is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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