Businesses on Mega Millions Winners

The news of the Mega Millions winners traveled fast. Needless to say most people weren't happy this morning to hear they didn't have the winning numbers.

Customers at the Shell Station on Chatham Parkway were all talking about the winning numbers.

Yesterday people were busy and excited about getting their tickets. Today they weren't quite as energetic. Even the store owners were a little disappointed they didn't have the winning ticket.  Bina Patel, Shell owner said, "it would be really nice for the business, we would have got a good bonus. It would have been a much different story."

Patel said when she heard the winning ticket was in Georgia she got really excited, but quickly learned it wasn't here in Savannah.

Customers who played last night say they too are disappointed.  Customer Leila Baker said, "Whoever didn't win is sad today!"

The Shell station on Chatham Parkway had a winning ticket in the past worth five million dollars.  The owners say they're hopeful they will have another one.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,