Finding Foster Homes for Soldiers Dogs While They are Deployed

Ever wonder what happens to dogs owned by members of the military once they are deployed somewhere overseas?

Well, a lot of times shelters are overwhelmed with dogs, and not enough people adopting. Two Savannah men are hoping to change that.

Herb Huene has thirteen dogs and Eric Hobday has two.

Herb and Eric recently found out that when the 3rd id was deployed in June of 2005. Lots of the soldiers' dogs were handed over to shelters

"Many were euthanized in June of 2005 and we're trying to prevent that as much as we can," said Hobday.

So the dynamic duo decided to show their support for the military in a different way.

By taking care of the soldiers' pets while they are deployed.

"I love dogs and always have for years and I have a mini pet shelter as you can see and we just love animals and don't like to see animals stressed," said Huene.

But they do like to see animals in good homes, foster homes.

"We thought if we can somehow keep a soldier connected to his dog while deployed with e-mail computer digital photos keep the soldier connected so when he comes off the airplane his dog will be waiting," said Hobday.

Herb and Eric already started finding foster homes for dogs like Indie who's owner was deployed to Hawaii.

Carol Lee Davis is Indie's foster mom.

"I think the soldiers at Fort Stewart or any other fort when they leave they need to know someone is gonna take care of their dogs," said Davis.

"They do so much for us and all we have to do is take care of their dog," said Davis.

Herb and Eric are hoping this will be one less thing soldiers have to worry about when they are away.

"It will do moral good that's what we are hoping," said Huene.

And when the soldiers come home, man's best friend will be waiting.

If interested in fostering a dog owned by a deployed soldier or if you're a soldier looking for a foster home you can you can call 598-4024 or 598-0550.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,