Third ID Div. Headquarters Prepares for Deployment

The Third Infantry Division's Headquarters is preparing to say goodbye to the community, before soldiers deploy to Iraq later this month. Tomorrow at 4pm, the Third ID will hold the casing of the division colors at Fort Stewart's Marne Garden. It is not only a colorful display of all the Third ID's brigade and battalion flags, the ceremony itself symbolizes the Third ID and Third ID Commander Major General Rick Lynch's move from Fort Stewart to Iraq.

"It gets everybody in the frame of mind that the headquarters is moving and that this division is preparing to move forward to Iraq and conduct its war time mission," explained Command Sergeant Major Charles E. Durr.

You can come say goodbye, too. Fort Stewart's opening up the Newman Gymnasium parking lot for a concert and street dance, including activities for children, tomorrow night, starting at 5pm.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,