Police Suspect Boyfriend in Hinesville Stabbing

Raintree Apartments, Hinesville
Raintree Apartments, Hinesville

A husband finds his wife dead in her apartment. Police think her boyfriend killed her. It happened at an apartment complex off of Saunders Road near General Screven Way in Hinesville. The neighbors who knew Rosie Smith and met her boyfriend Richard Geiger say they knew something bad was going to happen. Neighbors of the 50 year old woman cried over her death. She died of stab wounds in her home Tuesday night.

"We're gonna miss her," Christine Turner said through tears. "We love you Rosie."

Police say her estranged husband found her dead in a closet in her apartment.

"We believe this was the result of a domestic problem with her boyfriend, Richard Geiger," stated Hinesville Police Major Thomas Cribbs.

Neighbors say this wasn't the first trouble between the two.

"He said something I didn't like and I said I didn't want that in my home," Turner explained. "He said 'See Rosie'?" He called her all kinds of names and said 'I'm gonna kill you'."

Ester Gundy says she tried to convince each to go their separate ways.

"I told her to just get out because somebody gonna hurt each other" she said. She also talked with Geiger.

"He brought up the fact she had stabbed him and I told him the same thing. They needed to get away from each other." she added.

Cribbs says two weeks ago police went to a call that Smith had stabbed Geiger, but Geiger left before they got there. The arrival of Smith's husband complicated things too.

"He made the statement both of us is not gonna stay in that place together," Gundy confided.

Gundy said Geiger made another threat in front her just yesterday.

"He said he'll kill that 'b' before she kills me.

Neighbors hate something like this happened where they live, and they hope with Geiger on the run from police he has no reason to come back.

Police say they have murder warrants for Geiger and are still looking for him. The previous fights had not been enough to get either Smith or Geiger arrested. But it had been enough to schedule Smith for eviction later this month. If you know anything about the case or where Geiger could be, you're asked to call Hinesville Police at 912-876-8211 or your local authorities.

Reported by Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com