Police Horses Ready To Control Saint Patrick's Day Crowd

Police Horse
Police Horse

Thousands are expected to arrive in Savannah over the next few days and to help control the crowd Savannah Chatham police are putting some of their best on the streets.

This morning we caught up with Sergeant Gene Lawhorn with the SCMPD at the police stables.  For months officers have been working with the horses making sure they're ready to go out in the crowds.  They have been placed in a number of situations including fire crackers going off, police sirens, and people screaming and approaching the horses.

However even though the horses are trained officers do request that people use caution around them. Sergeant Lawhorn said, "Please be careful if you are pushing a stroller. Don't push it under a horse, we've had that happen. The other thing is if you want to pet the horses, we encourage people to pet them, pet them on the neck and shoulders not on the face."

Sergeant Lawhorn also say anyone caught purposely spooking the horses will be arrested.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com