Top Teacher -- Chris Brist

The fourth grade students at Bartow Elementary in Savannah are learning how friction and weight affects motion through a science kit.

In Chris Brist's class, this, as well as every other lesson, is accompanied by hands-on projects.

"If we're sitting in a lecture and somebody is talking to us, I know I don't listen," said Brist. "So how can I expect them to? We'll go through and we'll talk and I'll introduce a topic and we get right into doing things ourselves. The kids will pick up the pieces. They'll put things together themselves."

He loves seeing each of his students learn something new.

This is actually what turned him on to teaching nine years ago.

"Just seeing how the kids pick up things because they learn so quickly, and they find something new and they take hold of it and make it their own and it just makes it interesting. and they're completely honest," said Brist. "I hope that they have everything they need so they can be productive persons. That they will have enjoyed their time in here and that they will learn to work together and to respect their classmates, that they can be successful in whatever they do."

So, for his concern for his students as well as teaching not only through instruction but through actions as well, Chris Brist is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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