Missions of Mercy: Guatemala In Their Own Words

We hear about missionaries traveling around the world helping people all the time. They sacrifice so much financially and emotionally to reach out to complete strangers.

Have you ever wondered why they do it? When WTOC Photographer Bob Wells and I went with Faith In Practice volunteers a few weeks ago to Guatemala on their medical mission, I asked them. I'll never forget what they told me. Many talked about how they realized that while they were there to help people, they never knew how much the people of Guatemala who have so little would help them. "I feel like it is helping me grow spiritually learning from people who don't have much, but they have taught me that you can still be happy even though you don't have the biggest and the best things, " explains Harold Oglesby.

Many of the volunteers went on to explain how taken they are by the people and their demeanor. "The people are so happy, gracious and humble that it makes you feel like you have reached some place where there is an essence of love essence of what's really important," says Dr. Larry Ruf.

Countless volunteers shared how these mission trips have made them better people. "I understand that I was called by God to come here," adds Tom Inglesby. "So I don't have any control over whether I come or don't come as long as I answer His call."

"It does change your life," says Dr. Bob Bosque. "It makes you love people and appreciate people no matter where they are from or where they are."

All of these volunteers are remarkable people with amazing stories to tell about our mission of mercy to Guatemala. I'll share more of their stories throughout the next few weeks.

Reported by:Dawn Baker, dbaker@wtoc.com