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An Alternative to Porta Potties

Regular Porta-Potties Regular Porta-Potties
The Rolls Royce of mobile restrooms The Rolls Royce of mobile restrooms
Royal Restroom Royal Restroom
Royal Restroom Royal Restroom

So if your planning to spend you weekend on the streets of Savannah chances are at some point you'll be looking for a restroom.

Yep, the green porta potties are back in downtown Savannah. Kenny Hill is the assistant director for the Savannah Waterfront Association and says they are hoping they'll be enough restrooms for everybody.

"We are expecting so many people we try and make the facilities as easy and lines as short as possible," said Hill.

One hundred and forty four of the portable restrooms will be on River Street, with more along the parade route and in city market.

"The city has done a good job of placing these strategically so everyone can be serviced," said Hill.

Hill says besides the obvious necessary reasons for having so many, it will also help police do their job and not waste time on petty problems.

"There would be a lot of arrests one of the things you have to be careful about is do not use restrooms in public," said Hill.

But if you don't want to use one of these then there is another alternative but you'll have to pay for it. For five dollars you can use a royal restroom.

It's the Rolls Royce of mobile restrooms.

"Your gonna see fresh flowers rugs, mints, pictures, on wall sinks and a flushing toilet just like going into your own restroom at home," said Glisson.

Robert Glisson owns Royal Restrooms for the first time he brought his mobile restrooms for people to use down on River Street.

"We will have people here manning these restrooms they will always be swept out sink wiped off and always fresh toilet paper," said Glisson.

Glisson says he grew up in Savannah and knows the crowds can get a bit unruly and overwhelming, especially when you gotta go.

"I think people will see the alternative and really enjoy it as opposed to what they have been used to," said Glisson.

Now you're not just flushing your money down the drain, the majority of the money that Royal Restrooms collects will go to the Civitan club, which is a local non-profit organization right here in Savannah.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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