Police Use New Scooters to Help With Crowd Control

Police using scooters for crowd control
Police using scooters for crowd control

One of the main concerns for Savannah's finest is crowd control. Police tested out the new scooters to help them deal with the crowd.

People, people and even more people jam packed along the parade route.

"I like crowds, I think it's fun. You get to see people you normally wouldn't see, I like crowds," said tourist Michelle Thompson.

Crowds of people, some with alcohol in hand, moving by foot through City Market and the downtown streets.

Some saw it as a tradition that has turned into a rowdy spectacle.

"It started off being something with the locals and fun but over the years it's grown into something a little more dangerous," said parade spectator Austin Hodges.

Others described the event as controlled.

"I think the crowd has been pretty tame, I was prepared for a much rowdier group," said tourist Cara Alberghini.

No matter who you agree with, police were out on foot, stationed from control posts and on scooters keeping an eye on people and trying to keep the crowd under control.

"It's been a large crowd but a very well behaved crowd," said SCMPD officer Mark Galipeau.

Police dealt with the huge crowd all morning and say the new scooter has helped them.

"Four-wheel vehicles have a hard time getting through crowds and with these we can get through the parade and across the parade and it's made it real easy to get around with," said Galipeau.

Savannah Chatham Police say the scooters helped them make at least one arrest.

As always, police want people to party safely and if you see anything suspicious don't hesitate to call the them.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com