Top Teacher--Richard McCombs

Richard McCombs
Richard McCombs

Richard McCombs has been teaching for 19 years, five of them at Statesboro High School.

And while he admits teaching is his passion, he didn't develop his love for teaching in a traditional way.

"You know, actually when I fell in love with a girl," said McCombs. "She was going to school with me at Slippery Rock University and I was studying my undergraduate work- geology at the time, and I just wanted to hang around college a little bit longer until she graduated. Teaching was the way to go and I never looked back and I always enjoyed it ever since then."

And his students enjoy him.

He makes environmental science and physical science fun, all while making sure his students grasp the scientific concepts before taking the state high school science tests, part of which will determine if they graduate.

"If you don't make it fun for these kids, think about the teachers themselves," said McCombs. "If they're not having fun, the kids are definitely not going to have an entertaining time. They are going to be bored and nothing is going to come out of it."

And he wants his students to learn as much as they can for a successful future.

When asked how much longer he plans to stay in the teaching field-

"Forever," said McCombs. "I enjoy it too much. It's too much fun."

So, for making learning fun every day, Richard McCombs is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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