WTOC Hometown Hero--Emory Yant

WTOC Hometown Hero Emory Yant.
WTOC Hometown Hero Emory Yant.

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan police blame two teenage boys with causing a lot of destruction at the intersection of Mills B. Lane Boulevard and Stevens Street on Tuesday.

Emory Yant is credited with helping police put an end to the teen's trouble-making spree.

Police say after one of the boys stole a truck and crashed it into two other trucks, he got out and ran. Yant said, "A police officer started chasing him and I went across the street and moved laterally because I saw the kid move behind the house.

That teen didn't count on Yant, a former Texas cop, being close by. "The kid jumped a fence and opened a screen door and a woman started screaming, 'Get out, don't!'" Yant said. "That's when I came, ran up and grabbed a hold of him and held him until the officer came up and put the handcuffs on him."

The officer, Terrence Jackson was glad to have some help. Yant told us , "He said thanks and that's all he needed to say. He was busy."

People who witnessed the drama unfold, like Amelia Proctor, said they were happy to see it was under control so quickly. "It was just remarkable he was there," Proctor said.

Yant doesn't consider himself a hero, just in the right place at the right time. He just happened to be in the Liberty City neighborhood Tuesday collecting insurance money from one of his customers.

"I think I only did what anybody would do and what any of us should do if there is something we see in front of us," said Yant.

Police say Yant's actions kept the fleeing teen from hurting anyone else. It's his willingness to help protect his fellow man makes him this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com