The 116th Air Control Wing Welcomes in Brig. Gen. Tom Moore

Brig. Gen. Tom Moore
Brig. Gen. Tom Moore

Today, Savannah's 165th Airlift Wing said good bye to its leader, Col. Thomas Moore. He's been the wing commander for more than two years. Today, the Air National Guard promoted him to brigadier general. He's taking over 116th Air Control Wing.

Friends and family, along with many military men and women, packed Robins Air Force Base in Warner-Robins, Georgia, to watch as Col. James Jones handed over command of the 116th Air Control Wing to Moore.

"I think my entire military career has prepared me for this and I hope I can do as good a job as everyone expects me to," said Moore.

Jones took the podium and said goodbye to his wing and spoke highly of his replacement. Moore said he knows he has high expectations to live up to.

"Col. Jones has done a great job and I hope I can fill the great big shoes that he leaves behind," said Moore. "I look forward to working with everybody here in middle Georgia."

After the passing of the colors, Maj. Gen. Scott Hammond took over, promoting Col. Moore to brigadier general. But it was Moore's wife and children who pinned him with the symbol of his new rank.

Moore said today ranks up near the top as one of the best days of his life. "It wasn't like having children or being married, but I tell you, it's pretty darn close to that."

Moore said even though he begins his new role with the 116th, the 165th will always hold a special place in his heart.

"The people in Savannah support the military better than anywhere else I have ever been," he said.

The men and women he's leaving behind at the 165th said the feeling is mutual.

"He really meant a lot to us in Savannah and we already miss him," said Col. Jesse Smith, vice commander, 165th Airlift Wing.

While one wing said good bye, another said welcome. It's all a part of change.

Col. Hank Smart assumes the role of 165th commander.

WTOC vice president and general manager Bill Cathcart also attended today's change-of-command ceremony.

Reported by:  David Hall,