Family, Police Search for Missing Woman

Anita Adams
Anita Adams

Pictures are all Lucile Adams has of her daughter, Anita, right now. Pictures, and Anita's daughter Stephanie. Anita disappeared after she dropped Stephanie off with a sitter.

"She's very immature. She's sweet as she can be," explained the mother. "She'd give you her last. That's Anita."

The more Adams and her husband looked for Anita, the more they learned about her new boyfriend they'd just met. Mrs. Adams says she had told her daughter he was unwelcome and unwanted in their home. Little did she know he was wanted somewhere else, but for a different reason.

Treutlen County sheriff's investigators have warrants on Brandon Luke Gardner. They say he disappeared while out on bond on burglary and theft charges.

"Then I got that bill from the emergency room in Swainsboro. I hope she's not sick or hurt. The doctor's office is constantly calling saying they desperately need to speak with her. But they wouldn't tell me why," Lucile added.

Metter police aren't sure if Anita's staying with Gardner of her own choice.

"Right now, it is possible she could be being held without her permission and that is one of our great concerns right now," noted Captain Calvin Walker of the Metter Police Department.

Lucile says this is toughest on her granddaughter.

"She called me Momma. I said 'I'm not your Momma'. She said 'I know. I just wanted to call somebody Momma'." Lucile confided.

Even though Anita's a grown woman, Lucile says she can't help thinking of her as a little girl in need of help.

Anita was last seen driving her 2002 Gray Chevrolet Cavalier with Candler County tags. If you see them or know anything about them, call Metter Police at 912-685-5437 or your local authorities.

Reported by Dal Cannady,