Top Teacher--Jean Adams

Jean Adams
Jean Adams

Jean Adams has been teaching special education students for almost two decades.

It is something she believes she was called to do.

"Starting my sophomore year in college," said Adams. "I'd been struggling. I'd started out as a marine biology major, and I'd just been doing a lot of praying and I really felt God impressed upon me that He gave me a love for children and this is what He wanted. So, I just felt like if I was going to teach, I need to go where the need would be the greatest."

She is helping her students at James E. Bacon Elementary be the greatest they can possibly be.

Many of them are autistic, and have already mastered a few reading comprehension as well as basic language skills.

Adams says it takes a lot of individual attention, support, and-

"Lots and lots of encouragement and praise," said Adams. "Just the sense that they know that someone believes they can do it."

But she learns lessons from her students as well.

"To keep on trying," said Adams. "To just keep plugging away. And to see the person. I mean the person that's in there, that's locked inside. Just this beautiful, glorious human being that can just wow you any chance they get. And just absolutely knock your socks off and they floor me everyday."

So for her love and encouragement of her students, Jean Adams is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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