Ultrasound Bill Up For Debate in Georgia

Doctors in Georgia would only be able to ask a woman if she wanted an ultrasound before an abortion, not require it. But even that idea is getting mixed reviews.

While the debate rages on in the Georgia Legislature, it's also taking place within the walls of Savannah Christian Church, and at the Savannah chapter of Planned Parenthood. External Affairs Coordinator, Heather Holloway, says the bill borders on being unconstitutional." It substitutes the judgment of Georgia lawmakers for the judgment of a woman's physician, which is always a bad thing," stated Holloway.

The Georgia proposal, only requires a doctor to ask their patients if they want to view an ultrasound before an abortion, or hear the fetus' heart beat, not require it. Its that one question many feel may make a difference in both the life of the baby and the mother." The bill is designed to give mothers who are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy an opportunity to hear about more than one option," said Pastor Cam Huxford, " I think that is the most healthy, psychological thing that could happen."

Savannah Christian Senior Pastor, Cam Huxford, says he's seen first hand the ravages of abortion on the mother, both physically and mentally. He believes the bill will actually protect the mother to be and prevent her from making a decision which may haunt her for the rest of her life. " Women really struggle with the aftermath of that abortion decision. I think this bill will be very helpful. It's good for the mom. It gives her the opportunity to make her decision with much more accurate information. Hopefully she'll make a decision that will be healthy and wise," said Pastor Huxford.

But Heather Holloway says that decision belongs to the mother and not lawmakers." That's their business and we should allow women to make decisions for themselves," she said.

In the Georgia Woman's' Right to Know Act, there is no exceptions for rape and incest victims. Which Planned Parenthood officials are very against.

But the bill is working with other medical clinics to help offer the ultrasounds and counseling for free. Which Pastor Huxford says he hopes will help reduce the number of abortions in the state of Georgia.

Reported By: Melanie A. Ruberti; mruberti@wtoc.com