Medicare D Reenrollment Period Ending

Saturday is the last day for open enrollment into the Medicare D plans. Since November 15th, seniors could either sign up for the plan for the first time, or switch plans if they weren't happy with the one they were on.

But the deadline is quickly approaching and health care officials say it's something seniors don't want to miss out on. "Medicare does cover a lot of their medical needs. But in the same token, with the Medicare advantage plans, it helps give them added benefits that they'd be responsible to pay for on their own, and assist with medical coverage they might need," said William Lineman, Director of Sales for Southeast Community Care

If seniors don't make the deadline, they'll have to wait until November to make any changes. if you would still like to sign up, or have any questions, you can go to  or  for more information. You can also call Southeast Community Care at 356-3181.

Reported By: Melanie A. Ruberti;