Top Teen--Savannah Arts Academy SkyeLite Jazz Band

Savannah Arts Academy's SkyeLite Jazz Band.
Savannah Arts Academy's SkyeLite Jazz Band.

The Savannah Arts Academy's SkyeLite Jazz Band has been delighting audiences around the area for many years. Now, they are heading across the country to perform.

21 members of the band are flying out April 13 to San Francisco, California. They will perform at the National School Board Association Meeting.

The students going on the trip couldn't be more excited. "We were chosen out of several high school jazz bands in the country and we were chosen as one of the top three," said saxophone player and senior Vern Tremble.

The band's instructor, Michael Hutchinson said its quite an honor and he's very proud of his students. "Music really is important, we try to work as a team, one man one sound, it's very very important," said Hutchinson.

Students have to have an A-B average just to enroll at Savannah Arts Academy. Hutchinson said it takes determination and a desire to play jazz to be a part of the school's SkyeLite Jazz Band.

"I think what really makes us special is we try to be part of the community, we try to play. We can't play for everything, we have to say no sometimes, but it think it's become a family atmosphere that we try to encourage," Hutchinson said.

Being a member of the band takes a big commitment from the students and their parents. The band performs some 30 times a year and they practice nearly every chance they get.

Trumpet player Wes Davis said, "It's always giving back to the community and doing what we can as musicians to help and better the arts throughout Savannah."

Their hard work and dedication can be heard in the sweet sound of their music. WTOC honors them as this week's WTOC Top Teens.

Tremble said, "It's an honor to be given such an award because not too many people can say they are top teens."

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,