Operation Rolling Thunder Cracks Down on Chatham County Motorists

Officers participating in Operation Rolling Thunder.
Officers participating in Operation Rolling Thunder.

It was a busy afternoon and evening Tuesday as traffic officers in Chatham County began their Operation Rolling Thunder. For the next three months, there are more than 100 officers in town from across the state. They are completely devoted to keeping the roads safe.

From 1-8pm, those officers wrote more than 400 traffic citations. Most were for speeding and seat belt violations.

The goal of Operation Rolling Thunder is to try to reduce the number of deadly and serious injury car wrecks in Chatham County. For the past two years, this area has been one of the most dangerous areas to drive in Georgia.

Here's a break down of all the citation and arrests from their first day on the roads:

142 Seat belt violations
13 Child restraint violations
121 Speeding
5 Uninsured motorist
10 Suspended license
161 Misc.
174 Warning
3 Drug arrests
2 Felony arrests
2 Wanted fugitive arrests

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com