Peace Officers Help Effingham Students Promote Alcohol-Free Prom

Prom organizers at Effingham County High School are encouraging their fellow students to stay alcohol free. Today the Peace Officers Association of Georgia gave them a $2,500 check to boost their zero tolerance campaign.

The junior class officers who organize the prom will use the money to make banners and bring in a guest speaker and coordinate other activities to warn students about the dangers of drinking and driving and underage drinking.

Junior class officer Victoria Webb said, "We know as students how kids act and what they do and we want them to know it can happen and we need to be safe and we want our peers to remember to be good on prom weekend."

The Effingham County High School prom is May 5. This is the second year the Peace Officers Association of Georgia has given them a grant to promote an alcohol-free prom.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,