Friends, Loved Ones Plea: "Leave This House Alone"

For days we all watched the agony and heartache in Brunswick over the disappearance and murder of Christopher Barrios. Police say neighbors lured him into their home, then murdered him inside. The details are enough to lead some to act out in anger. Now Christopher's family and friends appeal to the public to leave the house alone.

An empty mobile home off canal road may be Brunswick's most infamous. Police believe 6-year-old Christopher was molested and killed right across the street from his grandmother's home. Thoughts of what happened inside haunt Christopher's family and those who helped lead the search to find him.

"It's disgusting. You have to walk out and see where your grandchild was killed and the human mind can only take so much," explained Donna Jordan, a volunteer with the Justice for Christopher Foundation and Glynn Angels of Southeast Georgia.

Jordan and others say they must now protect the house against vigilantes. Sam Lyons of the Justice for Christopher Foundation says his phone rings off the hook with rumors and offers to burn down the building.

The latest, a caller just this week. "He said he and some of his friends had gotten together and they wanted to set it on fire at night," Lyons noted.

Three defendants, George Edenfield and his parents David and Peggy, face trial for the murder. Lyons and others worry an act of arson could destroy nearby homes of innocent neighbors. It could also destroy evidence police might need in the case. Family friends say those who want to do something can help the family move from their home to a new site.

They say one group has gone as far as to offer to buy the trailer from the Edenfield landlord, haul it to an empty lot and let the family torch it for closure after the trials.

For now, loved ones say leaving the house alone is the best way to seek justice for Christopher.

Friends say local realtors are helping the family secure adjacent lots to make a new home, but they will need donations to help with moving expenses. You can drop off donations at any Bank of America locations in the Christopher Barrios fund or Glynn Angels of Southeast Georgia fund. The three murder suspects will be in court next week for arraignment.

Reported by Dal Cannady,