Highway 21 & I-95 Traffic Getting on Drivers' Nerves

It's more than just a traffic headache. Trying to get off Interstate 95 at Highway 21 at certain times of the day can be really frustrating.

Capt. Matt Libby with the Port Wentworth Police Department says he deals with this problem every week: "I get yelled at and cussed at at least twice a week on the phone."

Drivers are sick of the daily backup, and Libby's sick of the risks people take with that traffic.

"It's a daily nightmare," he said.

The problem is that traffic from the interstate funnels into the rush hour crowd already on Highway 21, and it simply doesn't fit on the exit ramp.

"The line starts about a mile back down the road," said Don Milton, caught in the traffic Wednesday. "Matter of fact today it's past Jimmy Deloach Parkway."

Over the months, regular commuters have come up with their own system, lining up in the emergency lane. But not everyone follows the lead.

"You have people cutting each other of, which leads to aggressive driving," said Georgia State Patrol Trooper Chris Cuddington. "And that's something we don't want to see."

"People cutting in and not waiting like everyone else. It makes the line longer for the rest of us," said Israel Morgan, another driver.

Libby says so far they haven't had any major accidents, but he thinks unfortunately, it's simply a matter of time.

Police and state troopers say there's nothing they can do to help the flow of traffic. They suggest people get in touch with representatives in Atlanta or call the Department of Transportation to voice their complaints.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com