Guardsman Helps Driver of Overturned Semi

You hear of people being at the right place at the right time. Well that's exactly what happened in Liberty County Friday when a semi overturned.

It all happened in Liberty County at the intersection of Highway 196 and 84.

National Guardsmen Johnny Rogers was returning home from his guard duty in Savannah when he noticed a big rig toppling over. "He just lost control of it and it flipped over on its side," said Rogers.

Once Rogers got closer to the truck he realized the driver, Rick Bray, was trapped. "I asked him if he was ok, you know if there was anything broken, and if he was ok to move."

Once the Bray told him "yes," Rogers, along with two other men, went to work. Something Bray says he will never forget; "This gentleman came by and helped me crawl over the top and brought me down."

They all got to safety not a moment too soon. "The first thing I thought was get away from the truck it's leaking," said Bray.

If it hadn't been for Rogers and the others Friday's outcome could have been much different, but thanks to them Bray is alright.  "I'm fine didn't get a scratch," said Bray.

The driver was hauling a generator in his truck. When he tried to make the turn off Highway 196 the generator shifted causing the semi to flip. Luckily the driver doesn't believe there was much damage to his truck.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,